Phytolistic Holistic Health Coaching empowers you to create and maintain lifestyle improvements via plant-strong holistic living.

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n. A substance derived from plants that is beneficial to health.


n. Pertaining to interconnected parts, explicable only by reference to the whole.

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For Individuals

  • Nutrition & wellness coaching
  • Kitchen makeovers & workshops
  • Weight-loss & detoxification
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For Businesses

  • Workplace food & culture education
  • De-stress & exercise techniques
  • Massages, yoga & meditation
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Yoga Tune Up®

  • Correct dysfunctional movement
  • Improve breath capacity
  • Prevent injuries & recover faster
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Phytoblog : Yoga Inspiration and Healthful Motivation

  • 10 Solutions to Sleeplessness

    Sleep is the salve that allows our mind and body to rest, regenerate, heal and grow.  Lack of sleep has been linked to deleterious effects later in life: heart disease, cancer, depression and obesity among other things.

    This may not be rocket science, but the way to get more sleep is to identify current lifestyle habits which aren't helping you sleep and to establish new bedtime routines.  Start by keeping a sleep journal.  


    1. SET YOUR...
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  • Super Shower for Valentine's Day

    With Valentine's Day fast approaching this week, I challenge you to try this easy 10 minute Super Shower self-care routine.   Who says Valentine's Day is about having a date or baking cookies? This tip is dedicated to celebrating every square inch of YOU!

    It's been said that we cannot love another well until we learn to love ourselves, but we're not talking about the my-shit-doesn't-stink kind of ego self-love.  Rather: Do you respect yourself and how does this self-respect manifest? ...

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  • Holistic Remedies for PMS

    If I only knew then what I know now I would have suffered a lot less when I was coming of age!   As it turns out, the discomforts relating to Premenstrual Syndrome can be greatly ameliorated once we understand what's happening in our bodies.   Balancing our lifestyle choices has a profound effect on all of our phsyiologic processes, especially the lady bits.   

    Consider this analogy:  Each month that your body "cycles" Mother Nature is cueing up an automatic internal cleaning protocol...

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  • Free Radicals Explained: Why Antioxidants are Amazing


    Free Radicals are basically damaged cells that have succumbed to oxidation.  Although oxygen is indeed a vital component for cell metabolism and energy creation, it's highly unstable.  Once the oxygen de-stabilizes, it goes on a rampage to bind with (or steal from) any other molecule that has a chance in hell to stabilize it. Think of a bull in a china shop.

    At any given time, our body is decomposing and regenerating.  When free radicals run amok we...

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  • Hello Again!

    I know the Phytoblog's been scarce recently but here’s the thing:  Ambitious endeavors are susceptible to setbacks and disruptions.  
    I’ve been noticing how running a multi-faceted business, launching a fancy new website, and managing various technological challenges is sort of similar to initiating a new fitness protocol or resolving to adhere to new diet and lifestyle regimen.  There are learning curves to absorb and new habits to build and sometimes life gets...

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